How cool is to be a meme addict…

Memes, the trending way to show yourself cool. If life makes you cry, make a meme on it, if something’s going wrong, make a meme.

Nowadays, the memes are also becoming the symbol of rebellion,of opposition. Some political parties & companies are hiring memers too. Well, it sounds cool, isn’t it?

But, do you really think that meme addiction is ok? Is it really ok to laugh on every unusual event ? Are memes really making you a well mannered & a risk taking human being..? Just think over it.

Well..I don’t think that meme addiction is cool. I’m not talking about facts, but about the personal experience. And obviously, no addiction is really cool.

So, let me tell you by a personal experience that how meme addiction can turn you into a negatively approached & inexorable person.

Let me share two incidents of my own related to this meme addiction ~

There, I was a meme addict, following a lot of meme pages two years ago. Of course, there were lot of memes which I never liked, but okk, I was still laughing on those too. And then at a point of time, I just realized that I was actually turning into a person full of hatred towards every shit thing/people. When, I analyzed the situation, I realized, it was the hate coming from the meme pages. I just unfollowed every single meme page. And yeh, this problem got solve.

So, after the first incident, I wasn’t really into memes. I used to see only the memes shared by my friends to me. But now, just coming to the present time, when I realized that memes are again causing negativity around me & has converted me into a person who just laughs on her problem. Ohh..Yes, laughing on your life problems isn’t always good.

Memes, like the above one, give us excuses actually. Excuses to avoid the problem.

Okk, I am going through a trough in my life, then I see a meme which is justifying my condition by helding someone/something responsible & now I am actually happy seeing this, just forgot that I need to work hard to get out of this trough.

Ok, scientific studies show that laughing is the best therapy & some motivator type people quote that ~ “laugh at all your problems”. But, you just need to think over it, not everything is for laughing.

Sometimes all these laughing situations give us excuses & we start avoiding the problem. “Problems are to fight not to avoid.”

I’m not saying that every single meme is turning every single being into negative. But, I’m saying that just look around you & see if it’s because of memes that you’re turning into a negative being.

And, finally just avoid, every kind of addiction, be it’s meme addiction or some other addiction. Addictions can charge a positive being to the negative.

🕊️ May the peace prevail on our Earth. May the hope abide in our Hearts…🕊️

Happy Reading..🙃