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The Pandemic Panic

The year 2020, has been an exceptionally unusual year for India, particularly from the economic pointof view. From the extended lockdowns due to the global pandemic, the departure and disturbing […]

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The sky-rocketing university cut-offs

The Problem: 97%, 98%, 99% in fact, 100%! These are not Dettol’s bacteria killing percentages, to tell the truth, these are the sky rocketing cut-off figures that are required for admission into the prestigious Delhi University. Although, the cut-offs have been escalating steadily over the prior years, this year, Lady […]

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Mental health and the social stigma around it

The Tabooed Ailment Have you ever felt really happy? So happy that, it becomes impossible to imagine what normal feels like? Well, we all have such rare moments from which we can’t get back. A state of euphoric bliss experienced more in our childhood that depletes as we age. Do […]

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