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My name is Anushree. Reading articles, blogs, drawing, photography are some of my hobbies and I like discussing about new ideas.

Golfer Aditi Ashok

Aditi Ashok is a golf player. She is the news today in each and every corner of India due to her performance in 2021 Olympics for grabbing fourth place in golf. During Rio Olympics she was the youngest among all the participants in Riyo Olympics. Aditi is from Bangalore, Karnataka […]

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Giant pandas no longer endangered!

The giant panda (panda bear/ panda) can be found in South Central China, primarily they live in China’s Yangtze river basin. Pandas were actually belongs to group of carnivorous animals but still it eats more of bamboo leaves and shoots. They occasionally eat grasses, wild tubers and even meat of […]

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Bundle of talent: Kiccha Sudeepa

Well known South-Indian actor Sudeep was born on September 2nd 1971. He started his life journey as an actor from the year 1997, sandalwood’s “Thayavva” was his first film which is a flop. Priya Sudeep is his wife they married on 18th October 2001, she produced the film “Manikya” in […]

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