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Social Media

Social Media and Mental Health Social media plays a very important role in shaping our mind, personality. And talking about mental health, yes social media effects our mental health sometimes in positive and some times in negative ways. It all depend upon what you wish to see in social media. […]

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India and the Pandemic

Effects of pandemic on India India, being a growing nation is drastically effected by the pandemic. Not a single area is left untouched by its effect. Starting from the most affected area which is the tourism sector. With the government imposing complete lockdown in the initial days of pandemic tourism […]

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Story Review-The Three Questions

Introduction Short story “The three question” is written by Leo Tolstoy, is a parable.Theme of the story is wisdom, knowledge, awareness, kindness,forgiveness and acceptance. It is a very motivational story to read Iwould recommend to read it once.SummaryThe story revolves around a king who wants to find answers to his […]

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Mental Health

About-Mental Health has to be one of the most important issue that whole world is facing right now, but you know who is silently facing it, yes they are so called cool teens. who always love to over exaggerate their life. They always love to compare their life with others,buy […]

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