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Cathrine Christy

Right now had a start to scribble my thoughts, but it would scintillate others as my thoughts flows on

History behind writing!

“Writing to me, is simply thrilling to my fingers”. This quote is said by Issac Asimov. The art in itself, is not only a thrilling one; but its arrival denotes a thriving change that has happened in the history. With the invention of writing, transition has occured from prehistoric culture […]

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Pain to Gain!

So the very title, and yes I probably do acknowledge how the initial word would appeal your mind. That’s fine. Stress, Failures, Rejections, Frustrations, Agony, Depression, Pessimism, cynicism, Indolence, Apathy, […]

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Carnevale di Venezia!

‘Life is a carnival. You wait in long lines to enjoy a short ride’. Colors, celebrations, ferry wheels, masks, costumes, merriments, public parades… All these words can be connected with […]

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Selfitis era!!

Yup, we exist in the technologically advanced Cenozoic era! This beginning of the knowledge age, is widely into the invent of making the human’s role, a passive one for the […]

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