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I’m am currently Pursuing BA.LLB . I am a legal researcher and blogger .

Environmental laws in india

Either Stable burning in various states accrued the air pollution in Delhi and created a gas chamber around NCR ; SC came upon a committee to observe scenario , Or 4 industries inflicting stream pollution were shut down by Maharashtra pollution board . Everybody has responsive to environmental problems as […]

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Crime against women on internet

Garima, is a 16 year old girl , brought new phone . She uploaded some of her pictures on social media . Now a guy started stocking her profile . He took some screenshots of her pictures , and morphed them all with nudes  . He sent those nudes to […]

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Education System Suffering during pandemic

The Covid created lockdown damaged very badly to education system. schools were closing down and online learning is not everywhere working. There are some statics Estimated 1.5 million schools across India closed down due to the pandemic A switch to large-scale digital education is not possible now. according to a […]

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