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Be Peace Upon You.. :-)

A film review

 The Sleepover (2020)        Director- TRISH SIE        Genre– Exciting,Action, Adventure,Family features.    A very simple family of Modern era living with their life old fashioned limitations like not allowing the phone to their children even if they jumped in higher class, they do not have permitted to attend any party with their […]

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Basically everyone expects the normal student lifestyle with proper and regular routine or schedule to follow for a student even that student too.But Eventually mine is bit different.Different lifestyle is not a decision of mine but the wise decision is something that to accept this difference.  Like all other students […]

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Web Series

Introduction The rise of Web series,episodic video entertainment produced for the internet and mobile devices and look into the motivations of their creators which first emerged in the late 1990s and became more prominent in the early 2000s. Definition:Web SeriesAlso called Web Shows,A series of scripted or non scripted online […]

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