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How to start coding? Part-2

This article is in continuation to How to start coding part-1. So now you have decided which programming language to choose from to starting coding. But here comes the tricky part, learning. There are again tons of resources available to learn from. But it is not humanly possible to scrap […]

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How to start coding? Part-1

To begin with coding, you need to first learn a programming language. A computer can’t learn the human language. A computer only understands that is in the form of 0’s or 1’s i.e binary language. So to communicate with the computer, you need to learn its language. Programming language is […]

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Why should you learn to code in 2021?

We all are aware of the fact of how we are dependent on technology. Being technological illiterate is just something you do not want to be in this era. And the current trend for being literate about technology is to start “coding”. So why “coding” is so important in today’s […]

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47th G7 Summit

This year marked the 47th year of the G7 summit, which was held in Cornwall, United Kingdom. Earlier the 46th edition of the G7 summit was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Group of Seven or G7 is the group of seven major advanced nations. It is an inter-governmental political […]

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