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Aditi Mondal

Front end and back end services of server less computing:

  The marketing term ‘Server less” refers to a new generation of platform –as-a-service offerings by major cloud providers. Here the infrastructure provider takes responsibility for receiving client requests and responding to them, capacity planning, task scheduling and operational monitoring. These new services were first introduced by Amazon Web Services […]

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Sotorasib, the new fighter for lung cancer:

Lung cancer, which is considered as the deadliest cancer, takes lakhs of lives every year. Sotorasib, the new Amgen drug has bring a new ray of hope in this field. U.S. food and administration has approved this drug for small cell lung cancer, which will be sold under the brand […]

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Laundry in Space

Cleanliness is the half your health. But sadly this does not go well in space. Astronauts say they run through a pair of T-shirts and socks on a weekly basis. There’s no scope for laundry in space. This unhygienic practice is not only affecting the astronaut’s health but also making […]

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