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Are Electric cars green

With a few exceptions, the majority of research studies conducted in various parts of the world find the answer to this question to be mostly affirmative. Though electric automobiles appear to be uncharted ground for most people, it’s startling to learn that the first electric car was invented in 1828 […]

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The Familiar story of an invisible town !! Every citizen of India is entitled to have basic fundamental rights of food , clothing ,shelter and a healthy standard of living . Poverty, steals those rights from these vulnerable individuals. Approximately 23.6% of the Indian population lives below the poverty line. The state of odisha lies in the Eastern Indian region and it is known as the “Soul of Incredible India” . It is a state that is blessed with both natural bounties and architectural ruins. Within Orissa lies the town of Dhenkanal , geographically it covers an area of 10,863 sq km with a population of roughly 11,92,811 people. About 39.03% of area in the town is covered in forests. Majority of the people in Dhenkanal practice agriculture as their primary source of livelihood . The poverty ratio, amongst the people is 47.53% and some of the most starking incidences of the same, was reported from the said district . Satya was a 3 year old child residing in Dhenkanal. He was found to be severely malnourished at 6 kilograms which is fifty percent less than a normal child of his age. Satya was born visually impaired . He breathed his last on 26th June 2019, his untimely death could have been prevented with timely intervention by the authorities. Satya’s story is similar to 34.1% of children under the age of 5 in the state of odisha . Another similar case of a mother, who was forced to sell her baby to an unknown man due to poverty and hunger crisis was reported from Dhenkanal recently. As most of the villages are located in the forest interiors they are socio- economically backward mostly due to inaccessibility. The juang tribe of Dhenkanal comprising of roughly 50,000 people (according to the 2011 census), depends on rice and salt as their staple diet . As their diet lacks basic nutrients many juang children are malnourished for their age, a lot of women who are underweight in the tribe give birth to still born children or children with birth defects caused as a result of their improper diet. Deaths in the tribe due to the same go unreported as they are socially remote. People face problems which include insufficient food supply , improper nutritional content in food, inadequate clean water supply among many other issues. The poverty ratio among the people is 47.53% which is considered as one of the biggest factors in death due to malnutrition in the town. Solutions : The government of India has started many programmes for the betterment of people in Dhenkanal which include “Beti bachao Beti padhao” and Anganwadi care centers mainly to educate the women so that it generates a positive impact upon the town development and welfare. We need to corroborate that these programmes reach their objective of women empowerment even in the innermost areas of Dhenkanal and we can ensure the same by taking help from rural panchayats .There is a need to reach out to these tribal women and educate them about basic survival skills which inturn would enable them to take better care of their children, this can be done through exclusive workshops in their areas . We could also provide pregnant women and lactating mothers with better health care and medical facilities by conducting frequent medical camps in their areas. We need to make sure that every child in Dhenkanal obtains the benefit of mid day meal schemes started by the government in schools so that they are provided with at least one healthy meal a day. To ascertain this we need the support of Non Government Organizations (NGO’s ) as we know them, to come forward and work alongside the government by bringing a large number of children to schools. Malnourishment is a curse on the children and their future and together we could break this curse and ensure the overall development of the nation. As they say the strength of the nation lies in the development of its women and children with the help of Government , NGOs and local people let us make our country powerful.

Malnutrition is similar to crime against humanity, your deafning silence towards this problem can cost a lot of lives.

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Book Review : The world between us

About the author This book is written by Sara Naveed, who is a Pakistani author, she wrote this book in the year 2020, she usually writes lighthearted romantic fiction stories for the young audiences. Apart from this book she has written three more best selling novels. The book describes the […]

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