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Project Pegasus: Unfolding The Cyber Spy

Project Pegasus has been in news for quite some time. Project Pegasus is an investigation about the Software Pegasus, in which 16 Media Institutes participated to expose the truth behind […]

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Health is something that we cannot avoid. We need to take good care of ourselves so that we can stay healthy. But what if I say, that there are still […]

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World’s Easiest Language.

There are many languages in the world and it is not possible for a person to learn every language. But the one language that helps everyone to communicate is English. […]

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Is Media still Working On its ethics and norms.

As the UP Election are on the way all the political parties are on their way to lure the public towards them to getthe votes and to win the elections. Therefore a lot interviews and rallies have started taken place. India has just came out of the second wave of […]

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Why we still need to be careful.

The world has suffered from Corona virus from last year and it’s still recovering from it. Where many countries have came up with the vaccination and are trying their best to vaccinate the citizens many are still suffering from the virus and its different variants. Among these only India also […]

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