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Body shaming is nothing less than a crime.

‘Look at her she is so fat.’ ‘look at him , is so dark and skinny.’ ‘ just look at that girl she is so short .’ Ever heard these? I hear them daily and it’s either about my self or a group of people or a person talking , […]

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Paternity leave- a necessity India needs.

In India women are given the paid maternity leave from 12 weeks to 26 weeks for working women under the new maternity benefit (Amendment) Act 2017 ,which was passed by the Rajya Sabha in the year August 2016,has now also been approved by the Lok Sabha in the same year […]

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Career planning?

Hello , salaam, namaste ! So how is your career planning going on? Is everything going according to your plan or did you even plan your career or not ? If not, then when are you going to? what about promotion ,bonus or salary? – same regular typical ,annoying and […]

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