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I am a doctor by profession but writer by passion

Being happy is a need or a purpose??

Whatever we are doing in our life at this time is directly or indirectly related to only one ultimate goal and that is we all want to be happy in our life. But, are we really happy? Or why we are not happy? And how to become happy?? There are […]

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Life : tragedy or comedy

When we are talking about life, we all know that God is the ultimate creator of our story, God not only creates this story but also all the characters of our story whatever villain, hero, and other side roles, all of them were created by the god. but with that […]

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Something about love

Love, the best and great feeling of our life. Love creates a bond that will connects one person to the other one. Nobody will survive on this planet without love. Love is not only an emotion but it is the basis of all relations in this world, not only human […]

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Learn something every day, important or not

Human is one of the most powerful creatures on this planet. Have you think what makes us different from others, we are also an animal, then what is difference between us and other animals. According to evolution, there are lots of species that came on this planet and after some […]

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Why self-motivation is necessary for life

All of us need some motivation to do anything in our life, motivation is one of the most important keys that will unlock success in our life, but before that, we are also have some knowledge about motivation, you have any idea that when this word’ motivation ‘ will came […]

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Why relations is important in our life

Relations are the pillars of life I think nobody in this world is happy without any connections or having someone, the relation is a type of bond between the two-person they may be parents and their child, maybe husband and wife, sister and brother, or maybe the two friends. We […]

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How can anyone easily move on in their life

There are thousands of people in the world that are suffering from this problem. This is not problem that is related to the particular person but I think this is real problem we are facing now. When we are talking about the move on first thought came into our mind […]

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