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Know your furry buddy

Giggling and playing with your new puppy is so mesmerising. It is fun to look how your new doggy is gradually being comfortable with you. Be honest, you love it when your puppy snuggle into you unknowingly while taking little naps right. We all love that isn’t it. There comes […]

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Development has been a topic of discussion and debate since several decades. It has a very deep meaning. When we talk about development of a particular thing, we should know it’s roots first. We need to understand 3 aspects of that object:- First existence:- where or how it came into […]

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Lockdown:- Boon or a bane

We all are well aware of massive widespread of Covid 19 infection. Keeping that in mind, experts suggested for a complete lockdown again. Also, American Government’s head Health Advisor Dr.Antony Fauci suggested for complete lockdown and rejuvenate health services during that period. Now, Supreme Court also propounded the idea to […]

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Mental Health

Mental health is all about behavioural and emotional well being. Mental health refers to how we feel, behave and think. Sometimes we feel low and sometimes we feel extreme rush of happiness. It’s not a big deal if you feel sad or happy or furious because we all are human […]

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