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De- Industrialization

Commentators often talk of the long decline of industry in the British economy. Insimple terms this is what we mean by de-industrialization – a fall in the contribution madeby the manufacturing sector to national output, employment and income. We canconsider manufacturing as a whole, or focus on individual industries such […]

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Cancer, book, me!

Dude Wasted 6-7 years trying to understand science ( failed miserably) , reading fiction (mostly Assamese , some  English ) ….. Time for some solid non-fiction books ( not self help books) , let’s do some real work  before mf chronic disease dm me …. ~hey do you sometimes cough […]

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My controversial poem!

Gust of wind is flying high Manual scavenger smiling with his hand tool Redundant youth applaud  Poor father teach his son not to fight  Leech wants him as Patron Son bought the Gust of wind but never used Time passes , Father become manual scavenger , son a redundant youth […]

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Want to work with Domino’s?

Began in 1960 as a single store location in Ypsilanti, Domino’s is now globally accepted pizza brand. In a short period of time company become favorite for many. Only in USA domino’s have 6355 stores. Job opportunity Domino’s provide mainly four category of jobs They are Store opportunities, Corporate opportunities, supply chain center […]

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Be the next Tim, Martin, Febrice

As Richard Branson rightly said “A business has to be involving. It has to be fun.And it has to be exercise your creative instincts”. The 2021 Startup summit will held on 27th – 29 th August. Not all individual privilege enough to getting opportunity to learn about business, entrepreneurship, investment […]

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