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New Social Media Laws in India

Introduction In the year 2020, the deadly covid 19 pandemics brought a technological revolution in the world. The digital and social media were reborn as the people shifted from the […]

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The Proliferation of Undertrials in Indian Jails

The Indian prisons are overcrowded with prisoners. But does that means the rate of crimes committed in India is also increasing? The answer is no. The crime rate is not yet a major concern in the country unlike India’s judicial system. The majority of the inmates who languish in Indian prisons are not convicted of any crime or offence by any judicial court. In fact they are yet to be convicted and are under trial. The population of undertrials exceed the number of convicted prisoners in Indian jails.

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Population Explosion: The cause of poor living conditions of indians

The population of India is increasing at an alarming rate. India is not the country with the highest number of people. There are countries which has more number of people than India like Russia. But they are not overpopulated. Those countries have enough space to fit in the number of people. India has more people than the country could fit in. The number of people residing in per unit square of land in India is much higher than that of other countries. This makes India an over-crowded country.

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The effect of climate change on Indian monsoon

Agriculture is the most popular occupation in India. The Indian farmers wait year long for monsoon to come and nurture their crops with some precipitation. The monsoon rainfall is highly beneficial for crops like rice, maize and pulses. However, the monsoon season in India has changed dramatically since the last decade. The 21st century monsoon is quite different from that of the 20th century. This new monsoon is characterized by volatile and erratic rainfall patterns.

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