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The Great Indian Kitchen- A Review

 A much needed movie at this point of time. The movie discusses everything related to the Indian Patriarchal society, and how most people, women and men alike are oblivious of such a thing. Rather than a problem, it is accepted as a custom.. a norm. The movie shows how a […]

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Malik- A Review

Even as 2020 brought the entire world to a standstill, and as it halted the shooting and release of new movies, a young writer and director decided to challenge the pandemic, and planned to shoot a low budget experimental computer screen movie using just an iPhone, titled C U Soon. […]

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An Author Ahead of his Time

People travelling ahead of time is not something that we get to come across daily. Well, maybe we do, but we just don’t know because they are ahead of their time, and are probably considered outrageous or maybe just stupid by us today. One such person who was WAY ahead […]

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Much More than Just a Sitcom

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is an American sitcom that first aired in 2013. Since then, it has gained a huge fan-following, throughout the world. Everything from the characterization to the acting has caught the eye of followers, and rightfully so. The show has gone on to be considered as one of the […]

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The Theatre Experience Vs the OTT Experience

2020 was a year that would be pinpointed in when the story of mankind is told in the future. Right from the Australian bushfires, to oil-spills, flash floods and cyclones. But the one disaster that shook the world into a standstill was the Corona Virus, or Covid-19. Though the virus […]

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