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Why Indians ignore global issues like climate change

Climate change is a change in the climate or environment of  the planet . it is not a natural process ,but an outcome of human activities and interference with nature. Climate change is not an issue of today or yesterday. It’s been started for a very long time. Transformation or […]

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Who Moved My Cheese

About  Book Author :  spencer Johnson Published on :  8 September 1998 Publisher :  G. P. Putnam’s sons Genres : Fiction and self-help book My rating : 4.3/5 PLOT The author has illustrated the change via short story of two mice and two humans. Who moved my cheese has four […]

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No one is perfect in the world but always try to be the better version of yourself. Every person is unique in herself or himself. person’s  behaviour, attitude, character, perception, temper, personality traits make him distinctive. Be the better version of yourself means making an effort to attain your quintessential self. […]

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