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Soumya Pareek

Law Student

Is India wrecked by socialism?

India’s economy is socialist, according to the constitution. Mrs. Indira Gandhi introduced this word in the 1970s. As the British occupied India for nearly 150 years, they began as a […]

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Communism in India

The change of administration at the centre in 2014 has brought with it new promises, but it has also brought suffering to the people of India who are being drugged or tranquillized in the hope of long-term benefits. The people of the country will vote for the current government for […]

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Data Breach – An Overview

A data breach occurs when sensitive, confidential, or otherwise protected data is accessed and/or disclosed without authorization. Personal information, such as credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, driver’s licence numbers, […]

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Online Risks and Threats

The internet is a fantastic tool for communicating, sharing information, and collaborating, but users of all ages must adhere to specific guidelines in order to stay safe online. Every Internet […]

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Freedom of Speech Vs Nationalism

Freedom of expression is a crucial pillar of an independent government; without it, a free society’s constitution is broken, and torture takes place on its ruins. Every person has the right to freely express their opinions, thoughts, and ideas on any issue without fear of being harassed or censored by […]

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Is cryptocurrency legal in India?

With India’s rapid technological progress and extraordinary breakthroughs, particularly with the introduction of COVID-19, the fintech sector has been on a steady upward trajectory. With the increasing popularity and understanding of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Dogecoin, and others among Indians, many people have begun to invest the majority of […]

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Personal Injury in india

India is fast transitioning from a developing to a developed country as a result of growing industrialization and globalization. Wherever there is progress, though, there will be disagreements. Increased competition, industrial growth, modernization, and technological advancements accompany increased growth and development, paving the way for more conflicts and cases to […]

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