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Ashwini sravanthi

Drip Irrigation System

Micro Irrigation has gained attention during recent years because of its potential to increase yields and decrease water , fertilizer and labour requirements if managed properly. Principal characteristics distinguishing the micro Irrigation with other pressurized technologies are: Low flow rate Localized , partial wetting of the soil volume Frequent water […]

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Jhansi ki rani ,the one who fought bravely against the rule of British inspired many women all over the world with her bravery and courage .Her father Monopanth Thambe raised her like a warrior. Even though she was born in a Brahmin family, she can fight like a kshatriya since […]

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— MAHATMA GANDHI A Great soul who struggled endlessly till his last breath for the independence of our nation. Mohandas karamchand Gandhi was commonly known as Mahatma Gandhi . Mahatma was a name assigned to Gandhi for his pure soul which is reffered as great soul. Gandhi was an Indian […]

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Never put an age limit on your dreams. – Dara Torres Olympiad’s are competitive exams conducted all across the world to compare students performance of similar educational levels. These Olympiads are helpful for children to know about their capabilities .we are living in a world where we need to be exceptionally […]

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— A hazardous problem for our nation I have realized that i’m living in a world ,where : rivers are filled with pollutants , air is filled up with toxic gases , soil is polluted with waste materials , and humans are habituated to turn a blind eye upon these […]

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