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Facebook is one of the major platforms for all businesses trying to reach a wide range of audiences. Facebook advertisement is more user-friendly and brings more traffic to your business. More than 90% of social media marketers use Facebook as their means of marketing and expanding their horizons. To fully […]

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Have you ever attended a yoga session before? Have you ever heard about these chakras?  If yes, that’s great. If not, that’s fine we are going to cover it in […]

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How do you like to chill out? Ya, I’m sure you wanna have that fun gaming life. Here are the names of the top 5 Android games of 2021 and everyone is excited to play: Pokémon go: Published by Niantic in collaboration with Nintendo and the Pokémon company, this augmented […]

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Space debris is the combination of natural(meteoroid) and artificial(man-made) particles. Natural debris orbits around the sun and artificial debris orbits around the earth. Hence they are called Orbital Debris. This […]

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Why do Indians eat with hands?

Eating with bare hand is a traditional Indian culture, which people still follow. Eating is a mindful process since the sensory organs like touch and taste are involved. Fingertips are used to feel the temperature and texture of our food. Nerves at our fingertips send a signal to our brain, […]

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The name Agni(meaning fire) was given after one of the 5 elements in nature(Agni, Vayu, Prithvi, Akash, Jala). Agni missiles are medium to intercontinental-range ballistic missiles, developed under the Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme, INDIA. The family of missiles consists of AGNI I, AGNI II, AGNI III, AGNI IV, AGNI V, […]

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