Safety And Security Must Be Given The Top Priority

Let me begin by first and foremost expressing my profound sorrow and grief for the lives of all those who have died in Mumbai on September 29 because of poor infrastructure in our railway stations. Those who have lost their near and dear ones are very angry and very rightly so! Safety norms are accorded the last priority in our country.
Safety And Security Must Be Given The Top Priority

                                    Instead Swachh Abhiyan is accorded the first priority which can only ensure cleanliness but not safety and security of citizens. PM Narendra Modi has made it very clear time and again which he keeps repeating every now and then that Swachh Abhiyan is his top priority and all citizens must contribute. Why so casual and disingenuous approach towards security and safety of people?
                                       No one can disagree with the PM that Swachh Abhiyan should be accorded importance but I strongly disagree that it should be given top priority. I also very strongly believe that cleanliness is next to Godliness but hell to cleanliness or Swachh Abhiyan if safety and security is not provided. People will be killed  in large numbers as we are seeing right now before our eyes how so many precious people have died. This keeps happening time and again yet no lesson is learnt and once again Swachh Abhiyan which is PM Modi’s pet project starts capturing all headlines in all news channels and at other places.  
                                          What is the point of Swachh Abhiyan if people are not safe and they can get killed anywhere because of total criminal apathy of officials in maintaining bridges, rail bridges, platforms, roads, flyovers etc? To hell with it! People want safety first. People want security first.
                                       Why when our soldiers are daily getting killed since last many decades on borders as also other places and so are the people at the hands of Pakistani soldiers and terrorists sent after fully training and arming them by Pakistani Army and ISI is our political establishment not ready to nuke all relations with Pakistan? Why India is not ready to revoke the unilateral Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status to Pakistan which we had wrongly conferred on them way back in 1996? Why trade and commerce with a country that exports death, terrorists, terror and havoc in India?
                                             Why Centre is ready to deport Rohingyas who illegally entered India but not those Pakistanis who keep shouting slogans in support of Pakistan and keep waving Pakistani flags and keep burning Indian flags and want India to become Pakistan? Why Rohingyas were allowed to go as far as Jammu and Kashmir and settle there which can disturb the extremely hostile atmosphere much more and worsen the already complicated situation there? Why were they allowed inside India at the first place?
                                         Why so negligence towards the safety and security of people? Why even the slaughtered bodies of more than 45 Hindus at the hands of Rohingyas is not forcing politicians to become more security conscious? Why are States being allowed to play vote-bank politics?
                                            Why terrorists are repeatedly killing our soldiers as happened with Lt Umar Fayyaz and now with Mohammad Ramzan Parray but Centre is refusing to arm them with weapons by which they can defend themselves and their family? Parray was shot dead and 4 of his relatives were injured including one women relative. But still Modi keeps talking Swachh Abhiyaan! Why is safety and security relegated to second place when it comes to people but accorded highest priority when it comes to politicians especially those who are Ministers or Chief Ministers or Prime Minister?
                                            Safety and security of people must come first, always and every time. Everything else later! Why those who attack our soldiers are not treated as Pakistanis and enemy soldiers? Why are they dealt with soft cushion? Why no hard line policy is followed in dealing with them?
                                      Why no surgical strike against traitors sitting in India who keep inciting violence and keep attacking our soldiers with stones, grenades and other weapons? Why are they allowed to roam free? Why security is provided from taxpayers money for separatists Hurriyat leaders who keep ranting against India and why even when police officer deployed for their security is killed most brutally by their followers publicly does Centre not withdraw all security to them?
                                        Why even Supreme Court Judge Anil Dave too had said that he too was concerned about security worth crores being spent on Hurriyat leaders? Do they really deserve it? Why are they not sent behind bars and why only house arrest for them even when their hand is explicit in so many terror cases?
                                    Why when Kuwait can severe all ties with Pakistan and order all Pakistanis to leave their country as they keep encouraging terror activities is the same policy not followed in India even though it is India and not Kuwait which has lost more than lakh soldiers to proxy war sponsored by Pakistan? Why can’t all Pakistanis be told to leave India? Why we allow security breach by permitting all kinds of people like Pakistanis in India?
                                          Why MFN status for Pakistan? Do they deserve it? How long will appeasement policy continue and that too not of Indian Muslims but of Pakistan which is our sworn enemy? Why the huge army of Pakistani diplomats not reduced to the minimum? Why they are allowed to meet Hurriyat leaders and spread hatred and conspire to harm India in the worst manner?
                                        Why those corrupt officials, babus and netas who mint money and compromise on safety and security of citizens by making third rated bridges, roads, rail platforms not punished most severely? Why Prevention of Corruption Act is not amended to mandate compulsory death penalty for those indulging in corruption and due to which people lose their precious lives? Why just keep talking only about Swachh Abhiyaan and caring a damn for security and safety?
                                           Why Citizenship Act is not amended to ensure that those who burn Indian flags, chant pro freedom slogans and abuse India are deprived of citizenship and sent to the country in whose support they raise flags and shout slogans as we keep seeing in the case of Pakistanis? Why Centre is not enacting a Uniform Criminal Code or Uniform National Code to ensure this? Why should sedition be applied on those who don’t consider themselves Indians?
                                          Why they should not be deported to the country which they like? Why is citizenship being forced on Pakistanis who hate India? Why should they be given the benefits of Indian citizenship? Why should they not be treated like foreigners and Pakistanis who have just no right in India? Why no surgical strike here?
                                        Why when Centre can spend lakhs and crores on bullet trains is it unable to spend  few crores on the safety and security of citizens? Why the lives of ordinary man in India considered so cheap that every year we hear thousands losing their life in one tragedy or the other and most of them due to lack of safety and security measures like rail tracks not being repaired in time etc yet Centre accords top priority to Swachh Abhiyaan and not to safety and security of citizens?           
                                      It is high time and now Centre must take suggestions and constructive criticism in the right spirit and implement them earnestly. Centre must always espouse Swachh Abhiyaan as PM desires but not at the cost of safety and security of citizens which has to come above everything else! No compromise should be made on it even if UN criticizes us or UK based human right organizations like Amnesty International criticizes us or anyone else as we see in China which alone explains that why it is treated with awe and respect!
Sanjeev Sirohi, Advocate,
s/o Col BPS Sirohi,
A 82, Defence Enclave,
Sardhana Road, Kankerkhera,
Meerut – 250001, Uttar Pradesh.