Skill Development

Skill development is a process of identifying your skill gap and ensuring you develop these skills.

Doctrine of Notice

INTRODUCTION The concept of Notice for the purpose of The Transfer of Property is given under Section 3 of Transfer of Property Act, 1882 (TPA). Notice means to have knowledge of something i.e. to know something. In law, it means knowledge of a fact. It is used to decide on […]

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What is a short story?

A short story may be defined as a story that can be read in a single sitting. Edgar Allan Poe considered the short story as a prose narrative ‘requiring from half an hour to one or two horse in its perusal. Thus brevity is one of the essential characteristics of […]

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Traits of an epic

An Epic is a long narrative in verse on a great and serious subject related in an elevated style. An epic tells a generally well-known story and is centered around a heroine or semi-divine figure whose actions depend on the faith or a tribe, a nation are a human race. […]

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The Epic

Introduction: Impersonal poetry can be divided into two groups dash the narrative and The dramatic. Epic: In the first group, The Epic on the heroic poem is the most important. an epic is a long narrative in verse on a great and serious subject related in an elevated style. And […]

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The Sonnet

The Sonnet is the lyric in fourteen lines in iambic pentameter governed by certain prescribed rules in general and in the arrangement of The rhymes. It aims at concentrated expression, but a fairly complex development of a single theme also is possible. Origin of sonnet: It derives its name from […]

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The Farce

Introduction: The Farce is a dramatic work designed solely to produce laughter. Originally a farce was an explanatory or additional matter introduced into the main play sometimes to increase its length. Slowly actors begin to use this as an occasion and thus it became a part of the play. The […]

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