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Digital Banking

Digital Banking has completely changed the way we bank in today’s times. With Digital Banking, you can transact with higher speed, ease and convenience. What is Digital Banking?  In simple terms, Digital Banking means availability of all banking activities online. Here, you have the luxury to freely access and perform […]

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Rights of Pawnee and Pawnor

The bailment of goods as a security for payment of a debt or performance of promise is called ‘pledge’. The person with whom the goods are pledged is known as ‘Pawnee’ or Pledgee’. The person pledging the goods is known as ‘Pawnor’. The rights of the pledgee or pawnee are […]

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Doctrine of Notice

INTRODUCTION The concept of Notice for the purpose of The Transfer of Property is given under Section 3 of Transfer of Property Act, 1882 (TPA). Notice means to have knowledge of something i.e. to know something. In law, it means knowledge of a fact. It is used to decide on […]

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Anatula Sudhakar v. P. Buchi Reddy

Statement of Facts This appeal for special leave is by the defendant in a suit for permanent injuction. Puli Chandra Reddy and Puli Buchi Reddy were the plaintiffs in the said suit. Both the plaintiffs claimed to be the respective owners in possession of the said two sites having purchased […]

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Introduction Globalisation is the process of international integration arising from the interchange of world views, products, ideas and other aspects of life. The vital element of globalisation is ‘worldwide interconnectedness’ that is created and sustained as a consequence of these constant flows. Globalisation is a multi-dimensional concept. It has political, […]

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Above all else, let me clear out that one ought not get befuddled between the words “introvert” and “being shy”. An outgoing/ extrovert person can likewise feel timid here and there and that doesn’t imply that he/she is an introvert. An Introvert is a tranquil individual that doesn’t prefer to […]

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