Lawyers Lead The Health & Wellness Vacation Trend

A new trend that can be observed is more and more people, and especially lawyers in seems, are packing their bags and heading for healthy holidays instead of the usual binge vacations where more beer is drank than water. This new trend can be observed by the number of fitness and weight loss retreats like this great one and many more in Bali, Thailand, India, and even in places like Mexico. They are capitalising on the fact that health and wellness is now the commonly held value of the majority of the population. It is especially clear in the educated populous, which is likely why we are seeing so many lawyers attending!

Lawyers Lead The Health & Wellness Vacation Trend

 In India there is an upward trend of both people attending this style of health holiday, and also new locations in tourist destinations such as Goa and Kerala where they are setting up new retreats to cater for the masses who wish to heal and lose weight. The one we attended in Bali was absolutely fantastic. It was compiled in three parts including a full detoxification to first cleanse the mind and body and allowing it to clear and heal before starting the training section of the program. The detoxification was possibly the highlight for us and for many others who accompanied us on the program, we felt so clean and pure after completing the cleanse and it set up perfect to lead into the remainder of the program where we really lost a lot of weight. Overall are experience was phenomenal and we can definitely see this trend continuing both lawyers and everyone else who cares about their health!