What Wrong Has Army Chief Said?

Why do some parties immediately pounce on Army Chief Bipin Rawat as soon as he says something? Why is he being mocked every now and then by few bunch of politicians from different parties? Why is he not being accorded the due respect which he so richly deserves?
                                        Why politicians have an allergy towards him? Why some politicians like Sandeep Dikshit dare call him as “Sadak ka Gunda” without realizing the dangerous consequences of what they say so rashly and later very quickly apologise when confronted repeatedly by media? Why politicians don’t realize the amount of damage they inflict on the sacred institution of Army as a whole when time and again they start levelling baseless allegations against him who is the topmost in hierarchy as we saw just recently?
                                           Why politicians get nervous the moment he starts saying anything that suits our national interests? Why politicians don’t accept the irrefutable fact that he has enough ground experience and being an Army Chief if he says something it has to be treated with full seriousness and not just dismissed straightaway without even examining what he has said? Why politicians don’t accept that what Army Chief General Bipin Rawat has said that Pakistan with support from China is pushing illegal migrants from Bangladesh into India’s northeastern states where the “population dynamics can no longer be changed” carries lot of weightage and must be looked into seriously?
                                          Why some politicians are always on the look for finding some reason or the other to attack our Army Chief General Bipin Rawat on one pretext or the other? Why some politicians can’t accept that General Bipin Rawat is our Army Chief and not some Captain or Major whose views can be ignored easily? Why some politicians fail to even accept that General Bipin Rawat has vast amount of experience and he fully understands the intricacies of whatever he speaks on and as the head of the Army he has every right to speak what he wants to speak?
                                            Why some politicians fail to appreciate and accept that General Bipin Rawat has risen to the top position by virtue of his merit and not because of favour by some political party or politician? Why some politicians don’t even bother to think of the immense damage that they are doing to the fabric of our Army by repeatedly condemning our Army Chief Bipin Rawat and making a mockery of our impeccable Army in front of the whole world? Why some politicians fail to appreciate and accept that when they deride our Army Chief, it is the morale of our soldiers which gets worst affected by it? Is this is what they aim at when they keep attacking our Army Chief on one pretext or the other?
                                               Why some politicians who attack Army Chief behave themselves as proxy of Pakistan and China by going and meeting their staff again and again? Why some politicians raise serious questions on our Army Chief when he says that, “They (Pakistan) will always try and ensure that this area is taken over…playing the proxy dimension of warfare where they do not have to confront a stronger nation through conventional operations”? Why some politicians go out of the way and invite Pakistani invaders like General Musharraf and that too just 2 to 3 months after Kargil war in which we officially lost more than 600 soldiers and give him a red carpet welcome instead of arresting him and trying him for war crimes?
                                   Why some politicians feel that Gen Rawat’s statement that, “This proxy game is being well played by our western neighbor and supported also by the northern neighbour” is politically motivated? Why some politicians always think that there is politics in what ever Army Chief does? Why some politicians have already become Jyotish Guru and have started predicting that Army Chief Gen Bipin Rawat will join politics after retirement and he has started working also in this direction? Do they have some secret intelligence network which is supplying them this news which does not surface anywhere else?
                                         Why is the Army Chief not entitled to view his own opinion on any political issue as long as he himself does not dabble in politics? Why politicians immediately start attaching political colour to anything what General Bipin Rawat says, as for instance when he said that, “I think the government is looking at the Northeast with correct perspective…With development will come control of the people residing in this area. I don’t think now you can change the population dynamics of this region…there is a party called AIUDF. It has grown at a faster rate than the BJP over the years…AIUDF is moving at a faster pace in the state of Assam.” Why politicians never see merit in what the Army Chief General Bipin Rawat says after a lot of introspection and deliberation?    
                              What wrong has General Bipin Rawat said when he says that, “India needed to identify problems in the northeast and address them holistically with a focus on development and on ways to integrate the region with the rest of the country”? Why can’t his suggestions be taken in a constructive manner? Why is he singled out for speaking something which he feels it is necessary for him to speak?
                                 Why some politicians want our Army Chief to be absolutely squeamish and not speak anything which he wants to speak? Why some politicians don’t admit even what in November 2016, junior Home Minister Kiren Rijju told Parliament that government estimates put the number of illegal Bangladeshi migrants staying in India at “around 20 million”? What wrong has Gen Rawat said when he said that, “We have to keep our eyes and ears open and keep a watch on this area called the northeast”?
                                     Why some politicians fail to appreciate the importance of northeastern states? Why some politicians fail to appreciate that these illegal Bangladeshis and Pakistanis who were given a separate country by partitioning India can yet again be the single biggest security threat to India and Rohingyas many of whom are in touch with Lashkar and who have been accommodated in Jammu and Kashmir also are likely to work as agents of Pakistan and Lashkar as is suspected also during the recent terror attack in which many soldiers lost their life when terrorists attacked an Army base in Sunjuwan in Jammu and even children and women were not spared? Why are politicians making a mockery of our national security inspite of repeatedly facing terror attacks sponsored directly by Pakistan?
                                      Which rule stops Army Chief General Bipin Rawat from speaking what is the chilling, unpalatable truth that, “Its (All India United Democratic Front) sudden popularity was due to a population inversion in Northeast India. When we talk of the Jana Sangh with two MPs and where they have reached, the AIUDF is moving at a much faster pace in the state of Assam”? Why politicians get angry when he speaks nothing but the truth and calls a spade a spade? What wrong has Gen Rawat said while talking of the population dynamics of the Northeast when he said that inversion has taken place and it could not be changed?  
                                       Why some politicians lash out at Gern Rawat instead of being grateful to him when he shows them the true mirror by pointing out that, “Migration from Bangladesh is due to two reasons. One is they are running out of space. Large areas get flooded during the monsoon, and they have constricted area to stay. The other issue is planned immigration, which is taking place because of our western neighbor. They will always try and ensure that this area is taken over. It is the proxy dimension of warfare”? What wrong has he said? What he has said is absolutely right and this whole nation should be grateful to him for speaking nothing but the blunt truth!
                                       Why some politicians start shivering in anger when he speaks the truth and demand ban on Army Generals joining politicians for five years? Why such politicians never demand similar ban on bureaucrats for five years as also ban on repeated extension of term to bureaucrats who favour them and also never demand similar ban on bureaucrats from becoming UPSC members, Governors, CVC etc? Why politicians forget what Benjamin Netanyahu who is Prime Minister of Israel said about bureaucracy that, “This talent has been existing in Israel for long, but we couldn’t get anywhere. Why couldn’t we get anywhere? We were limited by bureaucracy”? I will not go that far to deride bureaucracy but certainly I will also not like if repeatedly our Army Chief is denigrated by certain politicians of certain parties repeatedly!
                                          Before winding up, let me leave my esteemed readers with what advice a three-Judge Bench of Supreme Court led by CJI Dipak Misra had for those politicians who get sensitive on write-ups and run to courts to file defamation suits. It said that, “You must develop some tolerance for write-ups. Just read it and laugh it off”. CJI also said that, “In fact, filing a case may actually harm the man by attracting more publicity”. What wrong has a three-Judge Bench of Apex Court led by CJI Dipak Misra said?
                                            Will some of our politicians and some parties question this also? Why can’t they stop commenting everytime whenever Gen Rawat says something? Why do they tend to always overreact?   
Sanjeev Sirohi, Advocate,
s/o Col BPS Sirohi,
A 82, Defence Enclave,
Sardhana Road, Kankerkhera,
Meerut – 250001, Uttar Pradesh.