Evaluation of Value at Risk in Emerging Markets

Financial institutions have witnessed numerous episodes of financial crises all over the world during the last four decades. The researchers, academicians and policy makers in the field of finance studied these episodes extensively and to mitigate the risk involved in these crises have proposed several measures in the financial literature, but Value at Risk (VaR) has emerged as a more popular risk measurement technique. Although a number of studies have been undertaken in this area of research for developed markets but very few studies have been conducted in developing and emerging market economies. This study makes an attempt to evaluate the performance of VaR in emerging markets namely Brazil, Russia, India and China by considering Historical, Monte Carlo and GARCH Simulations to calculate VaR for the period 1998 to 2015. The study found that GJRGARCH Simulation is more suitable for Brazil and China while Historical Simulation for Russian and Indian Stock Markets based on the back-testing experiment.

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