Association between Tourist Satisfaction Dimensions and Nationality: An Empirical Investigation

The Today, tourism has been appreciated and recognized as an economic giant, globally. In, fact, it has become livelihood for more than three dozen countries especially, developing nations. According to WTTC (2015) tourism contributes 10 percent of global GDP, 7.0 percent of the total world exports, 30 percent of services exports and 9.09 percent of global employment while in India the contribution of tourism in GDP has been 4.90 per cent and accounting for 6.78 per cent of total employment in the country. Tourist behavior has become more complex and complicated regarding the choosing tourist destinations/services. Therefore, most of the academicians have turned their interest towards evaluating tourist behavior. Keeping in view the importance of tourist behaviour and tourist satisfaction, the present research paper is aimed to find out the association between tourist satisfaction dimensions and nationality of the tourists.

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