Eco Friendly Practices in Indian Hotel Industry: An Exploratory Study

Today, tourism & hospitality industry has been appreciated as a big giant at global level, India is no exception in this context. Recognizing its multifaceted benefits more than two dozen countries have directly and indirectly depended on this fasted growing industry. In fact this industry has become a pivotal sector for any economy for its growth and development in terms of contribution to GDP and employment generation. The direct and induced impacts of travel and tourism contributed UD$7.6 trillion into global economy and 292 million employment opportunities globally (WTTC, 2017). However, in this competitive era, this industry is forced to rethink/replan its strategies to cope with volatile business environment. Moreover, to remain and sustain in competitive age there is only one choice i.e. eco-friendly practices. Recognizing this very fact, the present paper aims at exploring the eco friendly practices prevailing in the Indian hotel industry. A structured questionnaire was development to collect the information from hotels. Usable responses were (N=265), the data were analyzed by applying the factor analysis. The results indicate that there are certain eco-friendly practices which prevail in Indian hotel industry and out of those practices there is a specific set of practices which emerged as most important for the future growth of the organization.

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