What Really Matters to Hotel Guests: A Study of Guest Reviews of 3 Star Hotels in Bangkok

The purpose of the study is to investigate the user-generated content of guests hotel reviews available on Trip Advisor to identify the most scrutinized and discussed dimensions of a hotel by hotel guests. The results reveal that the room, staff, hotel transport connectivity, food, and proximity to other shopping and eating outlets, are the main concerns addressed by guests either as compliments or complaints in their word-of-mouth feedback. The research concludes that in a highly competitive hotel business environment an insight into guest reviews is vital for hoteliers to lay out a road map for improving the various services on offer in an accommodation property. The findings are also suggestive of the importance for hoteliers to continuously monitor the hugely available and easily accessible electronic guest feedback/electronic word of mouth (eWOM), that in the present electronic era, travels extremely fast, far and wide, critically influencing the image and sales of a hotel.

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