The future prospect of English as a language

Introduction –

 Human civilization
has expanded due to communication. It is communication that gave birth to
culture, ethos, art and social values in which human prevails. Language is
elementary to communication and a skill that allows a person to improve his
personality.  Apart from being a basic
necessity, good language skills can overcome many personal and professional barriers.  Language being central and basic to learning
and lack of language can create miscommunication. Language and its development
are important for a person who desires to exchange information meaningfully to
the person and places required.

English language and its importance –

One of the most important languages is English which is
essential to build personality and the carrier these days. It has the most
effective use in business world and develops the special charisma relevant for
the carrier. Lack of command in language can lower and darken up future that
can cause frustration to a person.  A
piece of good knowledge in English can provide utter confidence that can boost
up the future and opens many scopes for a perspective future. It doesn’t matter
what profession one chooses, good learning to English is a treasured talent. They
are more sought than any other employees as they are well-groomed to
communicate globally.

Few uses of English as a language

English Opens New Career Breaks: if someone is looking for a
good career break globally than English is a must.  It’s an only global language that is spoken
in almost sixty percent countries of the world. Having a good knowledge of the
language can elevate once career for good.

English Tests to get in prominent college and school

If you wish to study at a famous reputed college in the
world than English is for you.   A global
test termed as Tofel  (Test of English as
a Foreign Language)is an English proficiency test conducted globally that is
required to determine the eligibility to study abroad in a prestigious college
of globe like Cambridge and oxford university.  Without this exam no college gives you
admission to their college as all prestigious college demands the candidate to
pass this TOFEL test.

The first language of the internet –

It is a common and foremost language of the internet with
near about 1 billion users chatting and typing in this language. There are many
apps on internet that are useful but are restricted to be used in English language.  It makes people capable to enjoy many more
resources online without hesitation. Many have also faced difficulties while
using these apps due to lack of proficiency in the language. One can found too many
materials on internet in English than any other language of world.

English Makes Life More enjoyable

English gives many options in both the entertainment and infotainment
industry. Understanding English means you’ll get to relish abundant Hollywood
blockbusters and foreign-language movies that provide sub-title.  Many famous novels are available in this
language. Many videos come with cooperative captions that are also in English. It
enjoys a multinational touch that no other languages have gained. Only a good
knowledge in English can help you get an instant definition and pronunciation
of games language.  Learning this
language can avail many types of entertainment to people.


Undoubtedly, learning English will open up many scopes and
enhances pathways to many experiences, which is helpful to learn new things and
make feel smarter. This language builds personality enhancing social status of
a person.  In a country like India, both
public and private sector function in English language.  Though (Hindi) being first language is
restricted to public sector and the companies but private sector has almost
refrained from use of other languages than English.  Learning English has many benefits and it but
shouldn’t be done in cost of giving once very own language.  It’s good to learn and adopt a global
language but one should respect its native language as well. Researchers have
also proved that being bilingual can make a brain more strongly than others. So
it’s better to learn two or more language and if it is English, it is way