Preparing for the Interview (part 2)

In last article of this series, we gave you
some advice on the first type of interviews that is technical round. To recap
in a couple of short lines-
systematic and organized in your thought process.
this clearly to your interviewers.
the assumptions clearly to your interviewer if any.
In this part, we will look into the other type
of interviews- that is the behavioral interviews. One thing that we would like
to mention here is that even when there is no apparent behavior based
question, you are continuously being monitored. You definitely need to be ready
for this.


Homework for the interview

The process starts way before you enter the
room. You have to dress properly, groom properly, no loud makeup- unless your
job demands it. Look professional, sharp and attentive. There is no need to be
someone that you are not but looking professional and meaning business does no
harm. After all that’s what you are going for.
The next thing is the documents you have to
carry with you. If there was a list given to you before the interview date or
at any stage of the selection process- normally colleges and Government jobs
share the list of documents that candidates are required to bring with them at
the prospectus stage itself. Prepare according to list, double check to be
sure. Arrange them in reverse chronological order- i.e. the latest documents go
first. Make sure that the documents are arranged neatly and do not fall our
when someone opens the file.
Once you are done with the preparations at your
home. The next thing to do is to reach the interview venue. Be punctual, better
be early and wait for a while than be late and give a bad impression. If God
forbid, you are running late because of any reason, or you cannot make it to
interview venue; please inform your interview coordinator as early as
possible. Be apologetic and communicate clearly that you understand the
importance of the interview process, but because of such reasons you will not
be able to make it today, or you will be late. If you are comfortable, give
them gist of the situation but do not drag them into details.
When you arrive at the interview venue, you may
be asked to wait for a while. There may also be many other candidates who may
be interviewing for your job or some other jobs. Whatever the case maybe, be
patient, do not get nervous. Avoid any chit chat with other candidates. If you
are talking, keep the talks professional. Talk softly, maintain the decorum of
the place. And as far as possible, do not run after the candidates leaving the
interview room to bombard them with questions. If they are your friend it maybe
alright, but if they are strangers- it does not say anything nice about you.
We will be continuing this series in later
Good Luck!