Peaceful & Record Voting in Phase 1 of the Legislative Assembly of Jharkhand, 2019

Election Commission of India vide Press Note no. ECI/PN/102/2019 dated 1st November, 2019 announced the 5-phase schedule of the General Election to the Legislative Assembly of Jharkhand, 2019.  The First Phase of election took place in 13 Assembly Constituencies covering 6 districts (Garhwa, Palamu, Chatra, Latehar, Lohardaga and Gumla)on 30.11.2019.

Despite the fact that all these ACs fell in the most naxal affected districts the poll today went off peacefully, barring few minor incidents, with very enthusiastic participation of voters including PWDs, senior citizens, youth etc.

  • 4162 out of 4892 polling stations (more than 85%) were categorized as critical; adequate security arrangements were made.
  • 1269 polling stations required dispatching polling teams two days in advance
  • 4 choppers were deployed to drop 440 polling personnel to the polling stations, and 5 choppers will be used for bringing polling personnel from the remote locations back.

The facts and figures of the 1st phase election is indicated as below-

Male voters 19,81,694
Female voters 18,01,356
TOTAL 37,83,050
Service electors 9,973
Postal Ballot issued through ETPBS 9,973
Male Candidates 174
Female Candidates  15
Total Candidates 189
Polling stations 4,892
Polling station locations 3,591
General Observers 13
Expenditure Observers 07
Police Observers 06
Micro observers 548
Polling Personnel 20,000 (approx.)
PwD Voters 49,007
Web Casting   1,262
All Women managed PS     121
Model PS     417


Special Initiatives :


  1. SVEEP Initiatives:

Electoral Literacy Awareness & ChunavPathshala in all 4892 booths of first phase was initiated. General voter awareness &PwD voter awareness programmes were ensured by State Icons, through LED Van, Cinema hall, T.V Channels etc.  Radio Jingles were broadcast through Akashvani etc.EVM/VVPAT awareness programme was done in all polling stations. Election related messages circulated through Print Media, Electronic Media & Social Media viz Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram etc.Voter mobilization events like races, competitions, plays, women centric events, youth voter festival was done in every assembly constituencies.

  1. Facilitation to PwDs and Senior Citizens:

Extensive mapping was done to facilitate 49,007PwDs to caste their vote comfortably. 7106 Volunteers facilitated bringing PwD voters from their houses to the polling stations.  1108 vehicles were deployed to facilitate their transport. 2952 wheelchairs were provided at the Polling Stations. 136 EVM familiarization camps were organized exclusively for PwDs.

  1. IT Initiatives


  1. Suvidha:

Online Suvidha Application is being used during Legislative Assembly Election 2019 for giving permission to political parties for holding meetings, rally etc. For entire State till now Total8,242applications were received and were disposed off on time, with 4,073applications for Phase1.

  1. C-vigilA total of267complaintswere received on thisCitizen’s App which were disposed of promptly.
  1. Special backpacks to carry VVPATs:

Specially made backpacks for carrying VVPATs were provided to polling officials who had to track on foot.

  1. Election Expenditure Monitoring

The Commission put in place an elaborate mechanism to curb the misuse of money power. The following measures were undertaken to prevent distribution of cash/liquor and freebies in order to induce the voters:-

  1. 07 Expenditure Observers were deployed in 13 Assembly Constituencies in Phase-I. Total 50 Expenditure Observers have been deployed across the State.
  2. 82 Flying Squads and 94 Static Surveillance Teams were operationalised in all 13 Assembly Constituencies to check movement of cash, liquor, drugs, freebies and other items in Jharkhand. Adequate numbers of check post were created to curb distribution of cash and liquor during election period. 02 Air Intelligence Units (AIU) of IT Department were set up at Birsa Munda Airport, Ranchi and Sonari Airport, Jamshedpur.


Total Seizure of Cash, Liquor, Drugs/Narcotics, Precious Metals, Freebies etc.




Seizure in Phase-I


Total Seizure in entire Jharkhand upto 30.11.2019
Total Cash seizure Rs. 1.56 Crore

(Released 0.01 Crore)

Rs. 6.39 Crore

(Released 0.58 Crore)

Total Liquor seizure Rs. 15.2 lakh

(17,735 litres)

Worth Rs. 1.30 Crore

(1.18 Lakh litres liquor)

Drugs/Narcotics seizure Worth Rs. 0.11 Crore

(11.15 Kg)

Worth Rs. 0.62 Crore

(693.889 Kg)

Other items/Freebies Worth Rs. 0.71 Crore Worth Rs. 2.88 Crore
Value of Total Seizures Rs. 3.9 Crore Rs. 11.19 Crore


  1. Approxvoter turnout figures (at 5 PM) :

At the time of release of the Press Note, the voting in some of the Polling Stations was still going on. The final Voting Turnout will be known after the verification and scrutiny of Presiding Officers’ Diaries and other documents.As of reports received till 5pm the approximate voter turnout figure for all the 13 ACs of 1st phase went on poll today(and comparative figures with the last Legislative Assembly Elections held in 2014) is as under:

for 1st  Phase


Legislative Assembly Elections 2014

Polling Percentage in 13 ACs

Legislative Assembly Elections 2019

ApproximatePolling Percentage

Total       63.43 % 64.12






  1. EVM & VVPAT :No complaint regarding EVM/VVPAT have been reported during the poll today. The extensive repeated trainings of the polling officials has resulted in very few places where EVMs had to be replaced. Across the 13 ACs today, as per figures received till now only0.38% BUs, 0.39% CUs and 1.12% VVPATs were replaced. Against 6557 BUs, 4892 CUs and 4892 VVPATs 25 BUs, 19 CUs
  2. Incidents on the Poll Day: There was no major incident of law & order reported on the poll day. However, some minor incidents of IED blasts and scuffle between candidates have been reported. The details of these are given below.
    1. At booth No. 13 of 72-Lohardaga Assembly constituency, Middle school, Kauwadanr there is a report of IED blast at around 9.30PM yesterday. All the polling party of this booth are safe and polling to place peacefully at this polling station.
    2. There was a low intensity IED blast carried out near a bridge connecting ghagra village to hapad village under Bishunpur PS in Gumla district. There is no loss of life property incidence seems to be carried out by some local sympathiser of Maoists. Forces are present in the area and polling in the area concerned is conducted peacefully.
    3. A scuffle between a candidate and the supports of another candidate took place out side hosiery booth in Daltonganj constituency. The candidate took out his licensed weapon and his body guards came out in his protection as many people were chasing him. The weapon has been seized and necessary action is being taken. There is no disturbance of polling.


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