International Conference On Entrepreneurship and Management: Challenges, Issues and Opportunities in the Global Economy

About the International Conference-
The International Conference aims to connect the academia and the corporate world with an
the objective of creation of linkages between both for the benefit of all stakeholders in education
industry and the corporate world.

Objectives of the Conference-

 To provide an inter-disciplinary platform to corporate personnel, managers, media
personnel, academicians, practitioners, professionals, industrialists, policymakers,
research scholars and students, etc. for deliberations and discussions.
 To explore the challenges and issues faced by entrepreneurs and managers in the global
 To discover new opportunities for global entrepreneurs and managers in the present
 To unearth the future potential of the opportunities in changing the global environment.
 To provide a forum to exchange experiences and ideas amongst participants.
 To provide networking opportunities to the participants.
 To find out various entrepreneurial opportunities in the global future.
Session Plan-
Session I: Entrepreneurial and Managerial Challenges and Issues in the Global Economy
Session II: Entrepreneurial and Managerial Issues in the Global Economy
Session II: Entrepreneurial and Managerial Opportunities in the Global Economy
Sub Themes-
 Labour Issues in the Global Economy
 Strategic Business Leadership
 Responsible Business & Sustainability
 Artifact-making and entrepreneurship
 Strategic entrepreneurship and growth issues of entrepreneurial companies
 Entrepreneurial finance and venture capital
 Social entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility
 Entrepreneurial endeavors in the family or household contexts
 Business Leadership Initiatives for Engaging Youth
 Business Implications of Various Restructuring Plans
 Entrepreneurial Opportunities & Challenges in the World
 Dynamics of World Economy & Sectoral Development
 Skill Development & Youth
 Global Challenges in the Face of Economic Uncertainty
 Strategic Management Issues and Opportunities
 Marketing Management Issues and Opportunities
 Financial Management Challenges and Prospects
 Production and Operations Management in the Changing global economy
 Legal issues affecting entrepreneurs and managers
 Advancements in Information Technology
 Business Ethics, Governance & Sustainability
 New Avenues in Management in today’s Changing Global Economy
 Strategic HR issues in Changing Environment
 Banking, Financial Services, and Financial Inclusion

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