Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi interacted with recipients of Rashtriya Bal Puraskar, here today. The awards were conferred by the President of India on 22 Jan 2020. The awardees will also participate in the Republic Day Parade. The 49 awardees are from various states of India including one each from Jammu & Kashmir, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh. The children are winners in the fields of art & culture, Innovation, Scholastic, Social Service, Sports and Bravery. The Government of India acknowledges children as one of the most important partners in nation-building. Towards this end the Government gives these awards every year to recognize exceptional achievements of our children in the fields of innovation, scholastic achievements, social service, arts & culture, sports and bravery PMO India ✔ @PMOIndia थोड़ी देर पहले आप सभी का परिचय जब हो रहा था, तो मैं सच में हैरान था। इतनी कम आयु में जिस प्रकार आप सभी ने अलग-अलग क्षेत्रों में जो प्रयास किए, जो काम किया है, वो अदभुत है: PM @narendramodi View image on TwitterView image on Twitter 4,682 11:23 – 24 Jan 2020 Twitter Ads information and privacy 885 people are talking about this Admiring the outstanding achievements of the children in different fields, the Prime Minister termed the work done by them at such a young age as amazing. He said, “I am proud to see the way in which you are fulfilling your duties towards society and the nation. It gives me that extra energy and the push to work harder when I hear the stories of bravery and achievements of our young comrades” PMO India ✔ @PMOIndia आप अपने समाज के प्रति, राष्ट्र के प्रति अपनी ड्यूटी के लिए जिस प्रकार से जागरूक हैं, ये देखकर गर्व होता है: PM @narendramodi View image on Twitter 7,473 11:24 – 24 Jan 2020 Twitter Ads information and privacy 1,330 people are talking about this The Prime Minister asked the awardee children to work harder while being strongly rooted to the ground realities. “This recognition should be a beginning to achieve more and you should realise this is not an end in itself. And such awards will inspire your peers and other children to become achievers.” PMO India ✔ @PMOIndia मैं आप सभी युवा साथियों के ऐसे साहसिक काम के बारे में जब भी सुनता हूं, आपसे बातचीत करता हूं, तो मुझे भी प्रेरणा मिलती है, ऊर्जा मिलती है: PM @narendramodi 16.3K 11:27 – 24 Jan 2020 Twitter Ads information and privacy 2,860 people are talking about this ***

A group of students from Veer Surendra Sai Space Innovation Centre (VSSSIC), Odisha called on Union Minister of State (I/C) Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region, MoS PMO, Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, Atomic Energy and Space, Dr Jitendra Singh, here today. These students informed that their team has developed Satellite Launch Vehicle.


Dr Jitendra Singh said that India is a frontline nation in the field of space technology and these students will also contribute to it. The efforts of these students reflect their talent, curiosity and capabilities. He said that first time a Space Launch Vehicle (SLV) has been developed by the students, adding that nano-satellites have been developed earlier by the students. He said that this will inspire other students to excel in science and technology. The Minister said that Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has natural temper for science and under his leadership Government has taken various steps for development of science and technology. The Minister further said that these students are in touch with ISRO. He further said that ISRO is providing Rs 50 lakh financial and technical assistance to these students for their endeavours. They will also utilise facilities of ISRO based upon requirement and feasibility.


ISRO has been the pioneer for encouraging space-related innovations. The team of students interacted with ISRO Chairman, Dr K Sivan as a part of “Samvad with Students”. They were registered as the first and only student body to indigenously developed and successfully launched Sounding rockets, in Limca Book of Records, 2019.



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