Teaching Students About The Iowa Caucus – 8 Animated Explainer Videos

Source: Mic

After months of polls, predictions, and prognostications, the citizens of Iowa will finally render the first actual votes of the 2016 presidential campaign. The process, though, is far from simple. The Iowa caucuses are notoriously obtuse affairs, especially on the Democratic side. The details of the caucuses may be familiar to Iowans and political science junkies, but the precise steps in selecting delegates are enormously important for all citizens to know. Students especially should be aware of how a caucus works, because it is a true instance of civics-in-action and because one of the candidates will go on to become the next leader of the free world.

Source: MSNBC

The explainer videos featured below are all terrific tools in teaching students about the first-in-the-nation voting process. As animated motion graphics, they can effectively reach learners of all ages. They would be ideal for both in-class or flipped learning, as they outline the history and the methodology behind Iowa\’s quirky tradition of caucus-going.

How A Caucus Works, Explained With Lego – by Mic

What Is A Caucus? – by MSNBC

How The Iowa Democratic Caucus Works, Featuring Legos – by VPR

How The Iowa Caucus Works – by Vox

So What\’s A Caucus, Anyway? – by AJ+

Iowa Caucuses Explained – by ABC News

Why Does Iowa Go First?! History Of The Iowa Caucus Explained 2016 – by Political News Junkie

Primary Elections Explained – by CGP Grey

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