Over 100 Employers Registered for the Career and Internship Fair–Prepare to Impress

Over 100 are employers registered for the upcoming Career and Internship Fair.  Log into your Pioneer Careers account to research employers, who they are recruiting (grads, undergrads, alumni or international students), what positions they are filling and which academic programs they are targeting.
  1. Develop a Plan:  Check the list of companies attending in Pioneer Careers to see the employers attending the Career Fair. Prioritize and do your research by reviewing the company’s website. Employers expect you to be prepared with questions.
  2. Get Your Resume Ready:  Not sure if it’s ready? Attend Resume Review Day on Tuesday, February 20th from 12:00-4:00 PM on the Driscoll Bridge.
  3. Dress:  Dress like you would for an interview. There will be a lot of employers, students and alumni. You can stand out with a well-chosen outfit.
  4. Prepare to talk about yourself:  Employers expect you to state your name, degree, a couple of your strengths or skills as well as why you are interested in their company and the positions they are hiring. Think about this interaction as one of many you will make while you develop a relationship that hopefully leads to a job or internship.
  5. Be Enthusiastic:  Show your interest with a smile, firm handshake and good eye contact. Practice all of these with a friend, boss, mentor or colleague before going.
  6. Follow-Up:  Within 24 hours send a brief thank you email and connect on LinkedIn.
See you this Wednesday at the Career and Internship Fair!

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