Clarification about the Discussions and Decisions taken in the meeting of National Statistical Commission

A section of the media reported about the discussions and decisions taken in the meeting of the National Statistical Commission (NSC) on 15 Jan 2020.  It is clarified that in the meetings of NSC, the concerned Divisions make a presentation on the agenda items and after elaborate discussions, decisions are taken.  These decisions are unanimous after due deliberation and are in line with the Code of Professional Ethics notified by the Government.  It is further clarified that the NSC is a recommending body that helps the national statistical system in evolving better strategies to improve the functioning of the system.  It is unfortunate that the report has sought to portray a difference of opinion in the decision making of the Commission whereas the decisions were unanimous. Such coverage by the media is inappropriate, to stay the least, and the Commission unequivocally condemns it.  The Commission is conscious about the initiatives being taken for improving the data quality in the statistical products and processes and works closely with the statistical agencies in the central and state government to ensure its implementation.



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