Month: February 2020

Employers’ Biggest Complaint Regarding DU Student Resumes

In August, the Career Services surveyed employers to understand how they rate our students in a variety of skill areas. In regard to resumes, we noted an interesting theme. While, students’ resumes were well written and highly rated, employers repeatedly mentioned one necessary improvement : Students need to BETTER TAILOR their materials to the employer and the job […]

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How to Set Career Goals (and Meet Them)

When you’re just starting out in your career, thinking five or 10 years ahead might seem overwhelming. After all, how can you determine where you want to go when you’re only just beginning? But setting goals is actually a great way to get past the nerves that comes with a new […]

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About SBDC

Chemeketa Small Business Development Center (SBDC) gives small business owners the tools and environment they need to make great decisions. We are located at 626 High Street NE in downtown Salem, OR. Open Monday – Friday from 8 am to 5 pm,  and offer classes, small business advising, and resource materials […]

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