Technology in the Classroom: Great Advancements of 2017

2017 has come and gone, but what an unforgettable year it was, in terms of technology in the classroom. In this past year, innovative developers met the ever-whetted needs of educators everywhere, who sought cutting-edge technology in the classroom innovations that would help them with their teaching of history, math, literature, and more.
In today’s centerpiece article on, frequent contributing writer Jacqui Murray looks at a list of 14 such technology in the classroom changes that have set 2018 up to be the most student-centered, transformative year ever.

Jacqui’s list includes:

  • More Online Access to Class Materials
  • Personalized Student Learning
  • Greater Acceptance of Technology as a Tool
  • Shared Responsibility
  • More Chromebooks than iPads
  • Gamification of Classes
  • And More!

Jacqui sums up her article like this, in a paragraph called “Gamification of Classes”: In the past, gamifying lessons annoyed administrators and frightened parents. By 2017, the gamification of learning finally had the successful track record that allowed it to be accepted as an effective and engaging approach to teaching. Developers stepped up to meet the education interest in teaching history, math, literature, and more. Some of the most popular focus on critical thinking, problem-solving (through choose-your-own-adventure options), and perspective-taking (such as the differing colonial viewpoints on the American Revolution) and ask students to make decisions based on the information they receive. Studies show that gamifying learning grabs and keeps student attention, inspires them to learn, and sticks with them longer than any other traditional method.”

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