Teaching Strategies for Remembering Names

Remembering our kids’ names is not simple, but it can go a long way toward your gaining the overall respect you need to educate and perform well as a classroom leader. It’s tough! But by employing several teaching strategies that can help you remember your kids’ names, you will become successful at it.
Today on TeachHUB.com, frequent contributing writer Janelle Cox, who is a seasoned educator based in Upstate New York, looks at some teaching strategies that are time-honored in getting educators to remember names.
Janelle’s ideas include:
  • Use Students’ Names throughout the Day
  • Use a Seating Chart
  • Play the Memory Game
  • And More!

Janelle sums up her article in this dignified manner: “At the end of each day, try and take a moment to sit and think about the names and faces of your students. By going over them, it will help to input them into your long-term memory.”
Do you have any tips, tricks, or teaching strategies for remembering your students’ names quickly? Please feel free to share with us in the comment section below, we’d love to hear your ideas.
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