Technology in the Classroom: Students Are Not Experts

Although teachers often think that their students are much more technologically proficient than they are, that’s usually a false premise. In fact, most students just know enough technology to get by – they don’t know enough about it to really thrive.
Today on, frequent contributor Jordan Catapano compares student survivors versus student thrivers with regards to technology. Survivors know just enough to get by; thrivers really use the available technologies to accomplish significant goals, and to impact others in the process.
When it comes to technology, Jordan notes what teachers can expect when students use technology:
We need to become thrivers ourselves.
We can learn from students.
We can help students learn and adapt quickly.
How to Stay Motivated as a Teacher
The role of a teacher now includes the teacher being a mother, nurse and coach, roles for which many teachers have had little instruction. So it’s no secret that teachers are burning out more than ever before.
With a little bit of encouragement, however, some teachers are learning how to stay motivated and productive throughout the course of their careers.
Today, writer Janelle Cox takes a look at some various ways that educators can learn how to stay motivated, including:
  Value Each and Every Teacher
  Give Teachers a Voice
  Consider Teachers’ Needs

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