Best Student Books for The Hunger Games Fans

I just finished teaching a unit on literary elements that used Suzanne Collins’ smash-hit novel, The Hunger Games. It was a huge success. Finding novels that my students (9th-12th graders with Learning and Emotional Support needs) will respond to can be a real challenge – but this novel more than delivered. I can honestly say I’ve never found a novel that students responded to so positively. With the movie coming out, English teachers who are starting to plan for next year would be well-served to consider how they might include this novel in their lesson plans.

My situation is a bit unique in that I will have the same students for multiple years – so I won’t be able to teach using The Hunger Games for another 4 years or so. Because of this, I find myself wondering: What about this novel drew my students in so completely? Was it the theme? The characters? The plot?

With that in mind, I’ve started searching for novels that seems to tap into the same types of feelings and issues, novels that have interesting plots and well-developed characters, that I might be able to introduce my students to next year.

Here are some of the most promising book recommendations for The Hunger Games fans in your classroom… and may the odds be ever in your favor (that they like them).

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