Mistakes on School Websites You Must Avoid at All Costs

A school website acts a conduit between that institution and its students and their parents (even grandparents). Therefore, it’s imperative that a school have a living and breathing website that is easy to navigate, among other things.
Today on TeachHUB.com, guest contributor Matt Harrell examines the five most-common school website mistakes, including:
Outdated Technology
No Testimonials
Too Much Text
What nervewracking things on school websites drive you crazy? Let us know!
Ways Your School Can Feel the Thanksgiving Spirit
Thanksgiving is the best time of year to celebrate this country’s most pure holiday.
Today, frequent TeachHUB.com contributor Jordan Catapano looks at some different ways that educators can celebrate this wonderful season, including:
These are just some of the ways your class and your school can celebrate this holiday together. What are some of your own favorite Thanksgiving activities that you’ve enjoyed?  
22 Ways to Add Rigor to Your Classroom
Recently on TeachHUB.com, we listed out 22 ways that teachers can add rigor to the classroom. Rigor is quite the educational buzzword of late, and writer Jacqui Murray wades through the jargon to give you operative tips on injecting rigor into your curriculum.
Some samples:
  Expect inquiry.
  Face unknown questions with a smile.
  Focus on exceptional expectations.
  Support students so they can reach high expectations.
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