Post-Holiday Classroom Activities

Many teachers struggle with re-energizing their classrooms after the holidays. Students are excited to be back with their friends, for sure, but they’re also still stuck in that twilight zone of late bedtimes and altered eating times, among other changes that happen anytime a lengthy break from school occurs.
Today on, frequent contributing writer Janelle Cox illustrates how educators can design some classroom activities that incorporate what students did over their holiday breaks into the curriculum, so that students can quickly get back on track and get motivated to learn once again.
Some of these tactics include:
  • Make New Year’s Resolutions
  • Play a Fun Game
  • Host a Party
  • And More!

Do you have any post-holiday classroom activities that you would like to share?
Top 12 New Year\’s Resolutions for Teachers
We recently compiled a list of the top resolutions for teachers – a list definitely worth revisiting this time of year. Our list includes:
  • Spice Up Your Classroom Routine
  • Get Your Work/Life Balance in Order
  • Plan Your Move Up the Payscale
  • And More!

“Don’t underestimate how felling good in your clothes and wearing something you love can lift your mood and start your day on a positive note. Grab a few new, fun pieces to add to your typical work outfits and turn those hallways into your own personal runway!” our writer encourages.
What resolutions will you bring to your classroom in the new school year?
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