Classroom Management: The Modern "C’s” of Learning

Collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and creativity – these four “C’s” of learning have guided and directed the curriculum trajectories of several generations of educators.

But as the teaching profession has evolved — especially with regards to technology and all the elements it brings to the classroom – it’s time to recognize a new set of “C’s” and how your classroom toolkit can morph with them.
Today, frequent contributor Jordan Catapano adds five more “C’s” to the table, including competition and character.
The Anti-Bullying Classroom: Advice for Educators
Elsewhere on today, anti-bullying advocate Jodee Blanco offers up 10 top anti-bullying tips that teachers can enact today to put an end to this perpetual problem.
Blanco, the noted author of “Please Stop Laughing at Us,” says a few words that teachers should NEVER say to a bullied student: “Ignore the bully and walk away; they’re just jealous; twenty years from now those bullies will probably be in jail and you’ll be successful; I know how you feel; or be patient.”
With that, Blanco dives into her 10 tips, which include:
Contact the parents
Be a friend
Use compassionate punishment
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