Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation on Sunday through his Mann Ki Baat where he said that it’s going to be a long way in the fight against the coronavirus. He began with saying that the means of transport were suspended the last time he addressed. This time many areas are in operation along with Shramik Special trains, airflights, miniature industries which has lead to the gradual rise in the economy. Still no leniency has to given while following the protective measures.

With mutual contribution, we are able to fight against corona. If we compare with other countries, we’ve accomplished a lot. Inspite of having more challenges, we are able to fight corona better than other countries. We feel sorrow over the losses caused but we are successful in saving a lot due to the united power of the countrymen. Every individual is contributing to its best. This whole cause is people driven. The most important feature of the people which lead to moving ahead is ‘Seva Shakti’ or the power to help. In reality, in this pandemic we have shown that ‘SERVICE’ and ‘SACRIFICE’ are not only our ideals but also our ways of life. It is said that, ‘Seva Parmo dharma’ which means that there is pleasure and satisfaction in service. We have witnessed that one who is involved in service activities is free from depression and stress. Servicing others leads to Confidence and Positivity.

Our doctors, nurses, cleaners, workers, and media body are contributing their limitless efforts towards the pandemic. He quoted example of Mr. C Mohan of Tamil Nadu who runs a saloon in Madurai. He donated his 5 lacs of money for service which he has saved for his daughter’s education. Similarly, in Agartala, Gautam Das, a cart-puller, gave his savings to the needy by providing food. In Punjab, a differently-abled person, donated his amount to make masks. Mr. Narendra Modi appreciates such people. In this pandemic, people are innovating in the labs and small startups. Nasik’s Rajendra Yadav, a farmer has created a sanitizing machine using his tractor. Innovations are also seen in the field of education. The strong will power of the people is leading such innovations. This pandemic is long, we are inexperienced facing new challenges and problems. Yet the most affected are poor sections of the society. We can share their pain. The whole India is making efforts. Railway employees are also corona warriors as they strive hard to send the people to their locations.

This situation is also an opportunity to learn. The countrymen are making efforts to develop the eastern India. The Central Government is taking steps to look after the job opportunities in the villages. If the villages and small districts would have been self-dependent, then these problems would have been minimised. He quoted, ‘It’s human behaviour to move from darkness to light’. He is happy to see that being self-dependent is taken as a challenge. ‘Vocal for local’ is also being adopted widely. ‘Make in India’ should grow by individual efforts. We must minimise the use of outside commodity. In this pandemic, he has also talked to various foreign ministers. He got to know that they are also giving priority to ‘Yoga and Ayurveda’. In India too, people are getting themselves involved in doing yoga at home and learning about ayurveda. Yoga community, immunity and unity are beneficial for all. Yoga is important as corona affects the respiratory system. Ministry of AYUSH has started ‘MyLifeMyYoga’ which is a video blog competition where people can participate by posting a 3 minutes video of performing yoga asanas and sharing their experiences.

The fear of falling sick is the nightmare of the poor people. ‘Ayushman Bharat Yojana’ which started 1.5 yrs ago, has treated more than 1 crore people for free. If poor people would have spent money in their treatment then they would have been in loss. Portability has bound the country together. Any person of Bihar can avail the treatment in Karnataka too. Among the 1 crore people, 80 percent of them are the villagers. Some even had critical diseases and 70 percent underwent surgeries. He said that we must talk to the people being treated by Ayushman. People after treatment have become optimistic and motivated to fight the challenges of life. He has also appreciated the honest tax payers of the country.

He kept on mentioning about the super cyclone which has hit West Bengal and Orissa. Homes are destroyed. He even visited the place. India stands with them. The current locust attack reminds us that small creatures are also capable enough to destroy. People are innovating to fight against such critical situations. On 5th June, World Environment Day will be celebrated and the theme is Biodiversity. This theme is especially important in the present scenario. Since the last weeks, we have slowed down, but this has given us an opportunity to understand the rich biodiversity around us. People are able to hear chirps of many birds who were once considered lost in noise and pollution. We are getting news of animals walking freely. People are sharing photos that they can see mountains and wonder that whether they would continue to see such beauties of nature or not.

He concluded by saying that we can draw inspiration to coexist with nature by creating balance. We must conserve water through simple processes. We can save water in this rainy season. At individual level, we can take initiatives to plant trees and hence save nature. After such hardwork, we must keep fighting and don’t become negligent. It’s our duty to save every ones life. Take all the necessary precautions. At last he said that he would be meeting next month through ‘MANN KI BAAT’.

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