How far lockdown extension will implicate the Educational system?

Both schools and colleges are facing a tremendous loss of learning. As that of the recent situation, summer vacations are going on and the HRD ministry is formulating another alternative calendar for the coming months in case the situation doesn’t improve.

Online classes as an alternative!

The educational system decided to opt for online classes for the students but it actually didn’t work and was not up to the mark. Also, these lectures have failed to influence students.

A study conducted by Principal in an architecture college, Professor Sharma came up with a conclusion that offline classes are better than online ones.

What problems were faced?

Just imagine yourself sitting inside a classroom with your earphones plugged in and not able to be part of the classroom! Exactly, same happened with the students who were studying in cities have returned back to their homes belonging to rural areas are not able to access the online classes due to lack of internet connectivity, they were marked present but not able to listen and learn, which eventually headed students to a complete loss.

What can be improved?

Most probably nothing can be done with the students living in rural areas. But what about the one’s living in the cities? Students also complained that they were informed at the very last moment of starting the class. Sometimes the students have to wait, mostly the teachers keep waiting.

So the problem can be resolved by maintaining the time table for lectures the same as that was done in offline classes. The classes should be conducted according to the time table with exact timing so no one has to wait. The best thing which can be done is to improve the educational system by adopting the technology.

Post lockdown solutions-

Careful planning helps you limit the long term significance of this shutdown. Reopening of schools to be allowed in green zones. Also, the schools in the yellow zone should also open as soon as the zone turns green. Students should be allowed to visit the school in shifts, this will not equalize the previous education but it will ensure that at least some education is given to every student while taking care of social distancing. Proper sanitization after finishing with one shift should also be carried out.

Relaxation to students!

“All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and the University Grants Commission (UGC) will also issue a revised academic calendar soon and Prof. Rajive Kumar directed colleges to continue online classes for the current semester under the extended lockdown”.

Overwhelming updates regarding fees acted as a huge relief to students as colleges and institutions are not allowed to demand any sort of fee payments until the ongoing COVID lockdown is lifted and conditions become normal.

No money to pay salaries!

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said that the Delhi Government is left with no money. They don’t have money to pay their employees. The Deputy Chief Minister has also written to Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman regarding this issue.

Unite and fight! The only possible way to fight against this pandemic.

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