Politics vs India


Will you imagine the world without politics?

The terminology of politics has its origin in the Greek term ‘polis’ which means city-state. A number of city-states like Athens, Sparta existed in ancient Greece where polity touched every aspect of social life is it education, occupation, organizations, culture, etc. Later on, as organized life became more complex, polity turned into a more specialized activity restricted to secular and civil affairs in western countries. Since that time, politics has begun and spread all over the world and people are caught up in the rat race of politics. in the past, there was only one political party congress, it started from 18 December 1885, and they lead the nation, and the first precedent if the congress was Womesh Chunder Bonnerjee and after that, all congresspeople make many discussion regarding the education, business, finance sector, and health sector which help people to live batter life after getting freedom from the British people.

congress lead India for 70 years and they did many frauds and scams, Several top Congress leaders have been accused of indulging in multi-crore scams with some of the corruption cases running into lakhs of crores. According to the ZEE news, congress allowed scams after scams during its rule which have resulted in the loss of a staggering amount of Rs 48,20,69,00,00,000 over the last 70 years. The jeep scandal of 1948 was one of the first major corruption case in independent India in which the Jawaharlal Nehru-led Congress government was the accused.

After that, the BJP party was announced on 6th April 1980 and the early year they try to breakdown the congress party but they could not when the Narendra Modi-led government came to power in 2014, India’s ranking on the global corruption index improved as the new regime cracked down on those accused in scams and graft cases. The country’s ranking had dipped to an all-time low of 94 during UPA reign in 2013.BJP leader Narendra Modi was done many appreciate work for the people like Goods and Service Tax The GST is the indirect tax that subsumed a variety of central and state levies and replaced a cascading and complicated tax system. infrastructure work This is the one bright spot in the government’s record. The speeding up of highway construction, the new Bharatmala and Sagarmala projects, the building or revival of regional airports and regional air connectivity, and much work on modernizing and expanding railways are all achievements that the Modi government can claim. furthermore, they also have done Flagship Programmes like Swachh Bharat, Make in India, Ujwala Millions of us gave up subsidised cylinders when Modi gave a call, Ayushman Bharat. however, if we considered the National Security the Narendra Modi never stape back he has introduced Pakistan Policy, Kashmir Policy. he has open all the scams cases like Rafale Deal and Mallya & two Modis. He also took revenge from Pakistan in the form of URI surgical strick, and give justice to the Indian soldier.

Nowadays, in the time of Coronavirus, congress never gives up to accuse the BJP party, they always see the negative side of BJP which is only 15-20% but they never update themself or support and give motivation to the citizens what to do in this kind of scenario or support BJP. whenever BJP politicians do something good, congress always ready to pull them down they never see good work done by the opposition party. in time of critical condition, all BJP candidates done a lot of good work but the congress party came out for a showing off. we also see many debates on the news channels regularly they fight like cats and dogs.

all people from India always pray that please put politics behind and do something to bring out the country in developed countries index.