Checklist for domestic travel via flights

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  1. Plan, Plan & Plan

A lot has changed as per the new guidelines, so it’s best to plan ahead. As per the new rule, you have to reach the airport at least 2 hours in advance, as opposed to the earlier 40 minutes cut off. Also keep in mind, how you will be travelling to the airport as public transport will not be easily available.


  1. Be Vigilant About Your Hygiene & Safety

Now I know that this one isn’t easy. We’ve never had to live or travel in a time with a highly infectious virus. So the best thing to do is not let your guard down. Start from the basic level and ensure that you are packed well. In an ideal scenario, ensure that you do not have to buy anything from a shop or from the airport. Make sure you have a mask, sanitizer and gloves easily accessible in your handbag. Ensure that you take maximum protection while heading to the airport and leaving your destination airport. You can never be too careful.

  1. Pack Only One Hand Bag & One Carry On Bag . As per the new rules, only one hand bag and one cabin luggage is allowed. So make sure you pack light and pack efficiently. Only carry what you need. Also remember, to carry a handbag that is not so heavy that you have to leave it on the floor of the airport. Another important point to note is that metal & plastic are better breeding grounds for viruses. So ensure that you carry a bad that is made of fabric instead of metal.
  2. Rethink Your Airport Look

Well, remember when airport looks were all the rage? You’re probably going to have to rethink that look now since the new look is all about hazmat suits, masks, sanitizers and gloves. As part of the new guidelines, just before you board the flight you have to compulsorily mask up and suit up to prevent infection and the spread of it. Wear comfy clothes underneath your protective gear and ideally pick a hazmat suit that you can dispose off with ease once you reach your destination.

  1. Eat Well Before The Flight/Carry Food

As per the new guidelines no meals will be served onboard the flight, so do ensure that you either eat well before the flight or carry your own food that you can eat after the flight.

  1. Let Your Loved Ones Know When You Are Travelling

We are not asking you to take permission, but do inform your friends and family about your travels and ideally do keep a backup option for stay and help at the destination you will be visiting. Mark your emergency contacts clearly.

  1. Carry Enough Cash & Have Ready Finance Available

No, we are not asking you to carry a briefcase full of money like in those old Bollywood films, but do ensure that you have both some liquid cash available with you and some easily available money in the bank. In case you do have to be quarantined or in the unfortunate situation that you get infected, ensure you have enough money for treatment and for stay.